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As machines take over modern life, our bodies are being neglected.

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Book your consultation with Martin today and get the ultimate BackHealthy experience. We are dedicated to empowering you to exercise more intelligently and in less time, to build strength, balance, and prevent back pain. 

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Strength, Mobility, Movement Quality

BackHealthy is designed to reclaim your strength, mobility and motor control, whilst preventing back pain. With carefully guided online movement coaching, you will fix imbalances, provide the foundations for healthy movement and longevity, and improve posture and appearance.

keeping you consistent

BackHealthy is dedicated to empowering you to exercise more intelligently and in less time to fit into your busy lifestyle.

In just 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, you can have two flexible days off that keep you consistent when unexpected events fill your schedule.

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Whether you are in your 60’s and movement feels like a chore, or you are an athlete not performing at your best, get qualified in the BackHealthy system and join the revolution to make exercise quick, simple and more effective.

Our goal is to get you back to what you love doing. 

why backhealthy is the perfect fit

BackHealthy is an online coaching platform to help you achieve 2 things:

  1. Prevent back pain in just 15 minutes a day. 
  2. Build a healthy, balanced body - the right way! Focusing on strength and mobility where you need it, guided through online assessments and video coaching.

We also provide health and wellness tips for a comprehensive, science based solution, so you never need to let back pain take control of your life.

Whether you have back pain or not, you may be surprised as BackHealthy Basics reveals your imbalances and weaknesses, so you can improve performance and reduce injury and pain. 

BackHealthy is typically suited to men and woman age 35-65. However, because we progressively develop solid foundations by removing your imbalances and weaknesses over a longer time period for sustainable results, the system lends itself well to most people. It is important to know that BackHealthy is designed for the most common type of low back pain known as NSCLBP (non-specific chronic lower back pain). Although the programme may well help with all kinds of serious spine issues due to it's conservative step-by-step approach, we do not cater for more serious and acute spinal injuries like severe scoliosis or crippling stenosis, or fractures, pins or plates, or where side effects include bowel dysfunction or constant pain that can't be relieved at any point. Such cases are better served with in-person clinical intervention, so please contact your doctor if you have any doubts whether you would be safe to do these progressive, therapeutic exercises. Due to the delicate nature of online back pain prevention and the lower prevalence of back pain with youths, we have chosen not to serve those under 18 years old.

Think of your body as a vehicle, like a car, but much more valuable as you are only allowed one. You wouldn't consider driving a car without passing a driving test and making sure it had a service so that a minimum standard of competence and safety is met.

Still, we typically know more about looking after our cars than we do our bodies and no standard of movement with basic biomechanics is tested or developed.

As several of my patients have suggested: BH should be taught in schools; I believe it could be a government and corporate standard so we can achieve global, minimum standards to combat this epidemic of poor posture, poor movement quality, and back pain.

Also, such an efficient system of exercise in less than 15 minutes a day lends itself well both to those not particularly passionate about exercise, and also athletes requiring a high quality restorative exercise session done quickly. Backhealthy can compliment your other sports and activities without needing to replace them due to relatively low demand on the central nervous system. 

Just 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week - which allows you 2 flexible days off whenever you should need them. This way you can stay consistent when life throws unexpected events our way. 

The exercises are designed to be done at home and you will learn how to use household items to facilitate the exercises.

The beauty of this programme is you can perform most of the exercises on the go, whether in the park, on holiday, or build it into your gym workouts. Only basic equipment such as a broom stick, towel or tennis ball are needed (the majority of the exercises are just bodyweight) but we do recommend equipment to buy such as bands, foam roller, kettlebell etc. which can enhance the experience but is not required. An aspect we love about BackHealthy is you can incorporate mastering the techniques into everyday activities such as hoovering, gardening, waiting for the kettle to boil, on a flight of steps, or emptying the washing machine.

We have built an online portal that allows you to access every element of BackHealthy from your phone, tablet and/or PC. Upon joining us you will receive your own personal credentials to access the system, then away you go with our team on-hand supporting you. 

The key to BackHealthy lies with the deep understanding of how these basic exercises are tolerated by different levels of ability, different types and levels of back pain, and the attention to critical details that can transform the moves into being highly effective. 

The right exercises are important but BackHealthy also addresses the two biggest barriers to success. 

Firstly consistency in training regularly is maintained by keeping the sessions to less than 15 minutes. This works well not only for those less passionate about exercise, but also to address the demand for more efficient workouts, as modern life steals more of our available time.

Secondly, the BackHealthy platform is the perfect addition to your physical therapist visit.  The therapist only has so much time to treat and teach you and even if you are prescribed decent videos with proper explanations, you typically need to return regularly to the therapist for your next videos. BackHealthy on the other hand, provides cost and time efficient support that will educate you to understand the principles of self care, in the comfort of your own home where you have time to develop your skills with your 24hr coach.